Campus Affairs

Campus Affairs observe and maintain discipline and a respectable environment within the University premises. It is also responsible to keep a proper check and balance of the University assets used by Students. The office also deals with Student Facilitation, Campus Maintenance, and Cleanliness. 

Campus Affairs takes care of and manages events with the coordination of the Security Department as well as helps the organizers to maintain smooth operations.  The office also monitors Entry & Exit Protocols and administrates the QAQC Standards at the University’s Café.

Protocol Services

Protocol Department works under the supervision of Campus affairs to observe Visitors Protocol Policy including Welcoming, Greeting, and Receiving Official Guests.

Medical Aid

Campus Affairs coordinate with relevant departments in case of any urgency, medical emergencies in the time of need.

Entry & Exit Protocols

Upon admission, all students will be issued with photo ID cards, which they must wear prominently at all times while they are at the University. Updated ID cards must be visible to the security staff at the time of entry to the University and the driver when boarding a University vehicle. Entry to the University or the University vehicle may be denied if an updated ID card is not displayed.