Earn While You Learn (EWYL)

GIFT University also provides support to needy and talented students by providing them the opportunity of “Earn While You Learn”(EWYL). University offers specific tasks or jobs to the selected students who are then compensated monetarily by adjusting their fees

There may be flexible 20 hours per week working model. For students seeking the scheme in the first semester, they will not be given tasks that will impact their studies. This is to ensure that they get a grip on the GIFT environment and its workings. They will be properly deployed in the second semester with a proper workload. Continuation of the scheme beyond the second semester will be the responsibility of the student that he/she has to contact the Advantage Office for deployment.

For Earn While You Learn (EWYL), the students are also advised to observe the proper job opening announcements followed by the selection process of the University. The Earn While You Learn Placements are carried out by the CRD team under the flagship of SDC.