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Ethical & Moral Development

SDC aims to produce Ethical Graduates; therefore, our team supports the ethical and moral development of students from point of entry onwards through a structured approach.  SDC recognizes that each student has a different set of aspirations and requirements. Keeping in view the diversity of students, SDC supervises the Value and Ethics Committee (VEC) that deals with the ethical, moral, and social matters of students. However, in case of any disciplinary matter, senior members of the Value and Ethics Committee (VEC) take the prudent decision for the betterment of students; thus, developing ethical graduates. 

Student Counseling & Guidance

Student Development Centre offers counseling and guidance to students who face various challenges in their personal growth, such as academic problems, adjustments, emotions management, interpersonal relationship, etc. Our professionally trained counselors provide the university students with a quality space to listen to their inner concerns, understand what they need, and explore effective strategies to help them achieve their personal goals.

Value & Ethics Committee

Student Development Centre (SDC) is a department that supervises certain activities, reports disciplinary issues, and promotes student development considering ethical and moral values. Therefore, GIFT University has designed a Value and Ethics Committee (VEC) to inculcate civic values, self-management, self-awareness and prepare students for engagement as global citizens. The Values and Ethics Committee deals with all the matters concerning the violation of University policies and promotes the development of moral, social, and ethical values. The decision of the VEC in all such matters shall stand mandatory upon the defaulting students.

The Values and Ethics Committee deals with all the misconducts concerning the minor violation of University policies (academic as well as disciplinary), if so, referred to by the Registrar. The Decision of the VEC in all such matters shall be mandatory upon the defaulting students.

Student Experience Office

GIFT University continuously endeavors to make the learning experience of its students more effective and enjoyable. In this regard, the Student Experience office works on improving the learning experience of students in the class and helps them in resolving any issues they may have.

Student’s Probationary & UMC Matters

Student Development Center also provides guidelines and counseling to those students who have low performance in academics due to various reasons. In this regard, SDC coordinates with examinations, relevant HOD, and parents as well to discuss the factors that are affecting the academic performance of the student. SDC also takes the follow-ups of such students to resolve the matters timely and to bring the student towards academic improvement. 

The advisor monitors their academic progress and counsels them, particularly when their performance declines or is below standard.

Helps and advises the students about which courses to add/drop, keeping in view the program road map, pre-requisite courses, university rules, and the students’ academic progress.

Reviews and approves students’ requests for the add/drop/withdrawal courses. Counsels and guides the students who want to drop out of an academic program.

The Disciplinary Committee deals with all the matters related to breach of discipline and misconduct by the students concerning the major violation of University policies (academic as well as disciplinary) if so, referred to by the Registrar or the VEC. The Decision of the DC in all such matters shall be mandatory upon the defaulting student(s), including expulsion/suspension from the rolls of the University and/or imposition of a heavy fine.

Development of Values & Community Engagement

The Social Integration Program (SIP) of the GIFT University Gujranwala emphasizes the value of service with others, rather than the commonly accepted concept of service to others. The goal is to create “better communities” in the Region by encouraging students to serve their communities. Social Integration Program (SIP) is an outreach program with a core objective to instill the spirit of social integration and social welfare in the students so that the graduates not only become good professionals but also good human beings as well. The students are encouraged to help and support the deprived and less privileged members of society.

Facilitation to Female Students

The female students at GIFT University are provided with separate facilities during their stay the campus. The Back Lawn of the university is exclusively reserved for female students as male students are not permitted access. Moreover, a separate Girls block and an independent Women Centre also reflect the special facilitation provided to the female strength of the university campus.

Women Centre

GIFT Women Centre is the most spacious private space of excellence reserved for female staff and female students where they can unwind and relax by using state-of-the-art facilities. The women center’s warm and cozy environs give girls the perfect setting to engage in small talk or take a break from lectures. The worth-seeing infrastructure is being constructed at GIFT University due to the growing population of female students and also to cater to the need of their privacy concerns. Women Centre is specifically designed to promote healthy and productive female-oriented activities to help them in developing their mind and personality. 

GIFT University Women Centre serves to foster the personal growth and development of women as independent, confident, and healthy individuals. We seek to expand understanding within the University community of personal and social issues of concern and interest to women.

Salient Features of Women Centre:

  • Peaceful prayer room with wazoo khana
  • Technology-driven smart photocopy and printing facility
  • Cozy coffee shop
  • Comfortable service area
  • Comprehensive book shop
  • Wi-Fi and web browsing point
  • Air-conditioned halls
  • Huddle room
  • Comfortable sitting area
  • Hall for indoor games
  • Wi-Fi and internet browsing facility

Separate Entry and Exit

SDC provides an online system through the student’s TIMES Portal for the entry and exit process for female students. Female students may be conditionally allowed to leave the campus during the University’s regular class timings, subject to prior permission by the Manager Student Development Centre (SDC) through an online application from Student’s Times Portal.

Fatima Jinnah Professional Forum

FJPF aims to empower the working women of Pakistan. It targets the females who work at their homes in different capacities and helps them in creating a network through which they can enhance or create methods by which they can improve their conditions. FJPF brings together females from different fields of life and provides a forum for them to collaborate and learn how they can work together.

Fatima Jinnah Girls Hostel

The hostel provides state of the art residence facility to those female students who belong to areas other than Gujranwala. They have been provided with the facility of transport, Wi-Fi, sports and outdoor activity area, and common room for indoor activities.  

Fatima Jinnah Transport Service

For the convenience of female students, GIFT University has started door-to-door service for female students only under the umbrella of Fatima Jinnah Transport.

Campus Affairs

Campus Affairs observe and maintain discipline and a respectable environment within the University premises. It is also responsible to keep a proper check and balance of the University assets used by Students. The office also deals with Student Facilitation, Campus Maintenance, and Cleanliness. 

Campus Affairs takes care of and manages events with the coordination of the Security Department as well as helps the organizers to maintain smooth operations.  The office also monitors Entry & Exit Protocols and administrates the QAQC Standards at the University’s Café.

Protocol Services

Protocol Department works under the supervision of Campus affairs to observe Visitors Protocol Policy including Welcoming, Greeting, and Receiving Official Guests.

Medical Aid

Campus Affairs coordinate with relevant departments in case of any urgency, medical emergencies in the time of need.

Entry & Exit Protocols

Upon admission, all students will be issued with photo ID cards, which they must wear prominently at all times while they are at the University. Updated ID cards must be visible to the security staff at the time of entry to the University and the driver when boarding a University vehicle. Entry to the University or the University vehicle may be denied if an updated ID card is not displayed.